10 Items to Include on Your Wedding Website

Creating your wedding website can be exciting for every couple. You can finally start the countdown to your big day, but sometimes it is hard to figure out what goes on it. Here is a list of everything you should put on your wedding website:

  1. Who’s getting married. Duh – that’s you!
  2. The date, time, and venue. The basic details. Include the venue address and any parking informaiton or directions the guests might need to know. If your wedding is at a country club with a gate house, the address may only take them to the gate! Or your venue might not have direct parking, so let your guests know about parking decks in proximity or valet.
  3. The day of guest details. This is a great place to write the dress code and information about whether or not children are allowed.
  4. Your wedding registry. Let the people know where to get your gifts! Most websites can directly link to these.
  5. Accomodation information. Have the name of the hotel, the address, a link to their website, the group code and any directions for either booking online or calling.
  6. Transportation information. If you are having a shuttle available to all of your guests, make sure to include the where and when’s.
  7. Around town information. Where can your guests grab a bite to eat, or go shopping? Are there any fun attractions in the town you are getting married in?
  8. Welcome party or farewell brunch information. If you are having an open welcome party or farewell brunch for all of your guests, make sure to include the details!
  9. Bridal party information. This is an extra, but it is nice for your guests to be able to look at the site and see who is included in your special day!
  10. Extras: Add how you met and your engagement story on your website with photos of the two of you! Some of your guests may not know the exact details, and it is always nice to know more about the couple before the wedding!

If you keep these tips in mind, then your wedding website will become a useful tool for your guests and help share the excitement with you for your big day! 

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