A Southern Tradition – Burying The Bourbon!

Weddings are all about tradition. And while couples are starting to break away from some (which gets a big thumbs up from me), there is one particular wedding tradition that I love to recommend to Carly Marie Event’s couples! Burying the bourbon!

Burying bourbon is a southern wedding tradition for keeping away nasty weather on your weddding day, and wouldn’t you do anything to keep away rain? You and your fiancé are going head out to your ceremony site exactly one month before the big day and find the perfect spot. You need to bury a bottle of bourbon, unopened and upside down a few feet in to the ground. On your wedding day, after the ceremony, you dig it up and share a drink with your loved ones!

Not only does this tradition make for some great photos, I really believe in it! I have never had a couple bury bourbon and get rain on their wedding day!


Photography by Vesic Photo

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