CME Holiday Gift Guide

This year, we wanted to share with you our top favorite gifts! I was going to seperate the categories into the traditional “for him, for her”, etc. But then I thought, honestly, these gifts are just for everyone. The best part of this list, is that you can get every single one of these gifts on amazon. Thank God for Prime! Especially for us late shoppers.

I can’t say enough good things about the Roomba. We literally own two we love them so much. We have a dog and a cat so we desperately need the help getting up the pet hair.

YETI Rambler
This cup is perfect for holding your coffee in the mornings and your margaritas in the evening! It keeps everything the right temperature, and has a handle making it perfect for sipping.

Corkcicle Cigar Glass
I just think these are the coolest glasses for the person in your life who loves a cigar! Note only would they be a great Christmas gift, but they would make a great Groomsmen gift too!

Weighted Blanket
As an avid weighted blanket user, I would suggest one for absolutely everyone. You can get a thin cover to place yours in if you plan to sleep with it in bed, or a soft furry one if you want to use it while you watch tv!

Travel Bocce Set
This is perfect for people who love to play games, tailgate, go to the beach… AKA everyone. Easy to carry, compact and comes with a measuring tape if you are competitive like me.

Clear Window Bird Feeder
My mom loves birds, so I bought this feeder for her last Christmas and she absolutely loves it. Its a great gift for the nature lovers in your life!

Stasher Bags
Want to cut down on your plastic use? Stasher bags are the way to go. You wont need to use ziplock bags anymore! Best part? They are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and boil safe!

Charcuterie Board and Knife Set
There is no one on this earth that doesn’t like a Charcuterie/Cheese board. No one. There is something for everyone, and this is the perfect way to display the worlds best food.

Weekender Bag
Everybody needs a good weekender bag, and this one is just about perfect. It comes in a ton of colors, so you can find the right match for everyone on your list. It has extra storage for shoes, and has a strap on the back to slide onto your luggage if you want to use it as a carry on.

Cooking for Two Cookbook
Know any couples without kids? Empty nesters? Two roommates? This is the book for them!

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