Meet CME Assistant – Aubrey!

If you have been a guest or vendor at a CME wedding in the past year, you have probably met my awesome assistant Aubrey. She is an energetic, creative and detail-oriented person with a passion for photography! We did a little interview a few days ago about what she has found she likes about wedding coordinating, and what has surprised her…

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

“I love the moment right before she walks down the aisle! Giving the bride words of encouragement, and making sure her dress is perfectly fluffed! It is a moment that is filled with so many good nerves.”

What surprised you the most about the day of a wedding?

“How good wedding food is! Haha!”

What is the hardest part of coordinating a wedding?

“Moving guests around! Asking guests to take their seats between cocktail hour and the reception, and then asking them to go outside for the send-off! You don’t want to be rude, but you can’t start the next part of the event until everyone has moved, and sometimes there are a few stragglers.”

How has your experience as a bride during your own wedding helped you with coordinating other weddings?

“It isn’t actually my experience as a bride, it’s my experience in logistics! There are a lot of moving parts on a wedding day, and a lot of different vendors to cooridnate.”


Okay… now for some rapid fire questions!

First look, or no? “No, I love the special moment at the end of the aisle.”

Band vs DJ? “Band, I love the energy!”

Cake vs Desserts? “Cake, always cake.”

Plated vs Buffet?  “Buffet”

Favorite Send-Off? “Sparklers! They make for the best pictures!”

Outdoor ceremony vs Indoor Ceremony? “Outdoor”

Change in to a send off dress? “No”

Bouquet and Garter Toss? “No”

Favorite color to use in the color pallete? “Ivory”

Short or long bridesmaids dresses? “Long”

Brides hair? “Up”

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