Our Engagement Story

Nathan and I have been together for over seven years, and were best friends for years before that. We met through mutual friends while we were both in college at NC State, go Wolfpack! The past seven years have been filled with college graduation, big moves, little moves, getting our dog Reese, buying a house, starting a company, enormous personal losses, going back to school, and much, much more. I could not imagine going through any of it with anyone else.

Nathan and I headed up to New York at the end of October for the night to see one of our favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots, play at Madison Square Garden. I was so excited, because of all of the times I had been to NYC, I had never visited in the fall! I knew I wanted to go to Central Park and see the beautiful trees. After we landed we dropped our bags at our hotel and then walked all the way up to Central Park. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Sarabeth’s across from the park, and then walked around the park and enjoyed the scenery.

Once my feet hurt bad enough to need a break (I was wearing cute boots instead of walking shoes… of course), we found one of those big Central Park rocks in the sun and sat down and enjoyed people watching. Eventually Nathan asked me if I was happy and excited for the concert tonight, after I responded, “I couldn’t be happier with this day, I am so excited for the concert. What about you?” he said, “I am really happy right now too, but I would be happier if you would marry me” and pulled a gorgeous ring out of his pocket!

I, of course, said yes! Actually I think I said, “are you serious?” and then “ok!” haha. We walked to the Loeb Boathouse afterwards and had a glass of champagne before we called/facetimed anyone. I was so excited to call my parents, who of course already knew. It was so much fun seeing the surprise on my family and friends faces or hearing it in their voices! And of course, the concert was wonderful. Even better with a fiancé 🙂

It was the absolute perfect day!