Wedding Venues – The Venue I Chose as a Bride.

I am so exctied to say that Nathan and I will be getting married at Cadillac Service Garage in downtown Greensboro this December, 2019!

The hunt for a wedding venue can be super stressful for couple. The venue needs to be your style, the right size for the number of guests you are expecting, within your budget and most importantly AVAILABLE. This combination may not seem like a hard find, but it really is difficult! This often leads to frustration or postponed plans, and can kick off the planning process with a sense of urgency and anxiety.

I took myself through the same venue process as I do my brides, and came out the other side with my perfect venue! I knew I needed:

  • A large space
  • A space that could be flipped from ceremony to reception (it is an indoor ceremony for me!)
  • A space with a modern feel
  • Available in winter 2019/2020
  • In Greensboro, NC

Lucky for me, I knew the perfect place that fit everyting on my list. The beautiful Cadillac Servive Garage! I am so excited and I can’t wait to share more details of our day in the coming months!

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