What I Pack on Wedding Days!

Being “prepared for anything” is practically my job description as an event planner. As I was packing my bag, and my ‘tool box’ bag for this past weekends wedding, I thought others might be interested to see what I bring! Below is a breakdown of what I pack on wedding days.

My Personal Bag
– Black flats/tennis shoes. I need to switch between these as the day goes. During set-up when I am running around I wear my tennis shoes. For the actual wedding part of the day I switch in to cute black flats
– A change of clothes. Set up can get messy. You might catch me crawling on the floor, climbing up ladders, picking different items up and carrying them around… always good to have a back up.
– Snacks & Redbull. Typically event days are somewhere around 15 hour days. I hope to be able to sit down for a few minutes and eat, but it isn’t always the case! I always pack a few snacks (protein bars, peanuts) and redbull to keep me going!
– A portable phone charger. My phone is ringing non-stop on wedding days, plus I love to snap pics, so I always make sure to bring a portable phone charger.

My ‘Tool Kit’ Bag
РALL the pins. Bobby pins, safty pins, extra boutonni̬re pins, etc.
– Tide to go. Self-explanatory!
– Tape (double-sided, regular and duct)
– Scissors/Flower scissors
– Screwdriver/Pliers.
– Super-Glue
– Extra easels (from mini photo easels to a large iron easel).
– Ribbon. Extra ribbon (small thin white, to large pretty colored ribbon) can be used to tie together any last minute projects, or decorate for a styled invitation suite picture!
– Eyelash glue. Yep.
– Hairspray, spray deodorant, floss.
– Sharpies and calligraphy pens of every color.
– Lighters
– Fishing line
– Rags

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