Five Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

When you plan a wedding in the summer, you always should think about the weather. There are so many reasons you should have an outdoor ceremony, think of the bright colors and sunny blue skies! But, when it is extremely hot out, and you are having an outdoor ceremony, give your guests something to help them cool down while being there for your special day, they will thank you later! Here are our top five ways to keep your guests cool at a summer wedding:

1.Program Fans 
Put your ceremony details on a program that also doubles as a fan! It is effective, and stylish. 

2. Refresh your guests
Set a bar up at your ceremony site and serve a couple of signature cocktails to your guests to enjoy during the ceremony.

Photo by Whitebox Photo

3. Ice Cream Truck 
Who wouldn’t want an ice cream truck at their wedding? It is such a fun and creative way to cool down your guests!

Photo by Griffin Davis Photography

4. Use Natural Shade
When you have an outdoor ceremony, having natural shade at your ceremony site is always an advantage. You do not have to worry about your guests getting too hot, and it is beautiful!

Photo by Rob + Kristen

5. Provide Cooling Gadgets 
Provide your guests with battery powered fans to help keep them cool during the ceremony. They are easy to use and very helpful!